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What You Need to Know about Phosphorus Stacking in the Body

Phosphorus is a mineral that plays an important role in forming body cells and tissues. But if there is a buildup of phosphorus in the body, then there can be a number of health problems. Then, what are the effects that can be caused by a buildup of phosphorus? Let's look at the explanation in the following article. Phosphorus is one of the most abundant minerals in the body. In the body, phosphorus has a variety of important roles, such as forming and strengthening bone and tooth tissue, providing energy for the body, producing protein, and maintaining muscle, nerves, heart, and kidneys. Recommended daily intake of phosphorus varies in each person depending on age. The recommended amount of phosphorus intake is as follows: For adults, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers is 700 mg per day. For babies ranging from 100 - 250 mg per day. Children aged 1-9 years need 500 mg per day, Children and adolescents aged 10-18 years need around 1200 mg per day. Despite havin
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Take These 7 Steps to Recover from a Broken Heart

When parting with your loved one, it's only natural that you feel heartbroken. This feeling is certainly not pleasant and can make you feel helpless. But, don't be discouraged, yes. Broken heart is not the end of everything! Separating with a partner is certainly not an easy thing. Your memories with him are not only in the form of photos or videos, but are still clearly reflected in your mind. Some people can overcome this with a rigid, but not a few people who are difficult to get away from adversity due to heartbreak. Actually, feeling sad, stressed, and broken hearted because a broken relationship is a natural thing. However, if allowed to drag on, a broken heart can have a bad influence on your quality of life. How to rise from adversity due to a broken heart When trying to move on because you have just broken your heart, usually someone will experience a number of things, such as difficulty falling asleep, failure to focus, loss of appetite, anxiety, and feeling lon

Be careful with colon cleanse action

One of the important organs in the digestive process is the large intestine. Lately, to maintain the condition of the large intestine, many are known to practice colon cleanser or colon cleanser. How was the medical review? Initially, colon cleansing is done in preparation for medical procedures, such as a colonoscopy. Only at this time, cleansing is widely used for other purposes, namely detoxification. Even though it is actually considered unnecessary, because the digestive system is able to get rid of bacteria and food scraps from the body. Method Used There are several methods of colon cleansing such as taking herbal supplements or over-the-counter medicines that have a laxative effect, and carrying out the practice of colon cleansing or enemas which is done with the help of special therapists. An enema is a term of colon cleansing which is usually done by draining fluid into the large intestine through the anus. The procedure is almost the same, only generally using the hel